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Wavecrest Lodge Fleetwood
01253 872679

Seating Tickets in The New Hopwood gear Stand are now Sold Out,   We have plenty of General Admission Tickets remaining which you can purchase at the gate during Finals week. You are welcome to bring your own seats on General Admission tickets (We will also have some seats around on a first come basis.

Ticket Prices 

To purchase a ticket please call Mark Mills 0n 07305 768810 

Seat Available

Seat Purchased


Screenshot (59).png

Under 16s Half Price(3 and Under Free)

Scoreboard Seat

  * You can also bring your own foldable chairs with you if you wish at no extra charge
on top of the General admission price

Screenshot (77).png

This Stand now Sold Out

General Admission now sold only on day, plenty remaining

General Admission is standing and limited seating around stadium and you are welcome to bring your own seats.

Tickets for The Waterloo Finals 2023 will go on sale on April 2023

Seat Views

Click Photo's to enlarge

Seat 17.jpg

Seat 17

Seat 31.jpg

Seat 31

Seat 46.jpg

Seat 46

Seat 59.jpg

Seat 59

Seat 98.jpg

Seat 98

Seat 76.jpg

Seat 76

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