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The CK Hot Tubs Ladies Autumn Waterloo 2023

(Euston GreenOne Day 64 on Sunday 24th September 2023 @10am

Email entries to to confirm the date is still available, then you will have 14 days to send your payment via the BACS Bank Transfer to the account given. If payment is not transferred in the 14 days the space will be put back on sale.

Pay To (The Fleetwood Waterloo)   (Sort 090129  Account 66163914)  (Reference is Your name)                                      (If asked it is a Business Account) (Santander Bank)

All Start Times 1pm
Practice from 12 Noon

Entry Fee is £15

Fleetwood Bowling Club
Upper Lune Street

Next to Fleetwood Tram Terminus

Sunday 24th September

3 Spaces Remaining

This event is now a One Day 64 on Waterloo Finals week on the usual Waterloo Ladies Finals day on Sunday 24th September 10am start
 You can also Facebook message me
or Telephone 07305 768810
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