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Wavecrest Lodge Fleetwood
01253 872679
Greg Smith Winner 2.jpg

Greg Smith after winning the 2022 Spring Waterloo Trophy at Fleetwood BC

Once you have paid for your entry, please be aware that the only way to get your money back should you not be able to play for whatever reason, you need to sell the space yourself and get the money off them and then notify us of the name change.
Over 50s 2022
Kevan Shaw wins the 2022 Waterloo over 50s defeating Derbyshire's Steve Barber in the Final 21-5
Please checkout our history page and if you can fill in any of the spaces in any of the events that have missing names, please contact us, your help on this will be appreciated.
Sponsors and Advertisers
We are looking for Sponsors for most events in The New Waterloo, especially the Spring Waterloo, we have a sponsor for both ladies and Mens Autumn Waterloo's for 2022, We are also looking for advertisers for both the Finals week in September and on here our website, Please contact Mark Mills for more details
Heaton Park is just 50 miles away if you are travelling from Fleetwood to the BCGBA Champion of Champions on Saturday 24th for the Mens and Sunday 25th for the ladies, getting to Fleetwood BC is very easy if staying in Blackpool, simoly get the Tram or bus to the Terminus at Fleetwood and the Greens are right next door, with so many hotels and public transport at your disposal you have no excuse..  :) 
Crown Green Masters
The New Crown Green Masters will replace The Charlie Tattersall competition which was noramlly played on the Friday of Waterloo Finals week, this year 2022 we will have 32 Players paying £100 each to enter, anyone can enter, so are you up to challenge, contact Mark Mills for further details or to enter.
Small Sponsors
We are looking for small sponsors to sponsor our Pairs events and Over 50s comp etc,
Please call Waterloo Bowls Manager Mark Mills for details.
With Seats limited in the new stand 100 seats will be available and will be sold on first come first served on the 5 day tickets only, On the Finals week Seats / Chairs will be provided but on a first come first served so only way to guarantee a seat is to purchase a 5 Day ticket although we hope to have plenty of chairs on offer for the Finals week, You are also welcome to bring your own chairs at no extra cost.
proof ad board.jpg

A new Children's Book by our very own Waterloo supported Bab's Vinden Cantrell.

Click on photo on left to purchase via Amazon

It happens to us all - we all have to leave the nest, one way or the other. For Babs Vinden-Cantrell, it’s sharing her charming picture storybook with the world and introducing you to her Seagull Chicks, friends who get to leave their nest for the first time. What trouble might they get up to and will they stick together? Ideal for young children, Seagulls Don’t Eat Sorbet is a lovely illustrated adventure about courage, adventure and family! Seb, Petal, Chase, Romiley and Edge were born into the Blackpool Promenade community which they love, but they’re not allowed to leave their mum’s side - until one day when they’re finally allowed out on their first adventure. Without their parents! They fly along the sea front seeing the exciting amusements, fun-fair and lights. They fly over people on holiday and listen to the sounds of Blackpool. playing hide and seek, dancing for people on the pier and having a great time. They meet a few other promenade gulls as they make their way along the sea-front and they wonder if everywhere is the same. Excited by the lights and sounds, Chase and Edge fly into the amusement arcade on the pier. They laugh and play - until they realise they’re trapped! Seb, Petal and Romiley must come up with a plan to save the other chicks. Maybe the misfit gulls who don’t belong to any community can help? “It all started small,” explains Babs. “I spent many childhood holidays on the Fylde Coast and still stay a couple of times a year. A few years ago, my brother and nieces came back with a story about seagulls stealing everything but their sorbet. A lightbulb went on - maybe some seagulls are different! I wrote a book about seagull chicks and their antics and sent it to a friend, an ex-Eastenders actor, who referred me to ‘Reincarnathan’, a radio comedy in a similar genre. I cheekily sent a mail to one of the writers, who suggested I break the book into smaller adventures. I wouldn’t be where I am without their help, and I hope my books encourage the same love of nature in children that I have!” Brought up in Stockport, Babs Vinden-Cantrell spent many childhood holidays along the Fylde Coastline. She started life as a dancer, tasting corporate life before settling into the Military. She has travelled extensively, living in various locations, and has three grown-up children. Babs met artist Eszter from Kotiart and explained about her Seagulls. Eszter who is originally from Hungary captured the Seagulls in exactly the way that Babs wanted them, and they have had a wonderful journey together creating the stories.

PUBLICATION DATE: 28 August 2022 | ISBN: 9781803132549 | Price: £6.99

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