See bottom of this page to purchase a ticket for the 5 day option, daily tickets will be released in the near future.

Seating Tickets are only available to purchase on the 5 day Finals week option for 17th to 21st September...   If any seating tickets are left after 1st September these will be released on a daily purchase option, see price list on right.

Ticket Prices

Seating New Stand 5 Day Ticket     £30  (Available Now)
Seating New Stand Tuesday / Wednesday Only   Not Available yet 
Seating New Stand Wednesday Final Day Only   Not Available Yet

Standing General Admission 5 Day Ticket   £25  (Available Now)
Standing General Admission Tuesday / Wednesday Only   Not Available yet 
Standing General Admission Wednesday Final Day Only   Not Available Yet


Daily Standing General admission tickets available soon 

To purchase a ticket please call Mark Mills 0n 07305 768810 

Seat Available

Seat Purchased


Seats                                            Standing General Admission



£4.00 Advance (£5.00 on Day)
£3.00 Advance (£3.00 on Day)
£7.00 Advance (£8.00 on Day)
£9.00 Advance (£10.00 on Day
£12.00 Advance (£13.00 on Day)

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Seating Tickets    5 Day Tickets              Available      £30.00

Seating Tickets    Tues / Wed Only      From Sept 1st    TBC

Seating Tickets    Wednesday Only      From Sept 8th   TBC

Standing Tickets   5 Day Tickets           Available        £25.00

Standing Tickets   Tues / Wed Only      Available May 1st    TBC

Standing Tickets   Wednesday Only      Available May 8th   TBC

To purchase your seat simply call Mark Mills on 07305 768810 

Seating Tickets Remaining for Purchase     34

Standing Tickets Remaining for Purchase   109

Seat Views

Seat 17.jpg

Seat 17

Seat 31.jpg

Seat 31

Seat 46.jpg

Seat 46

Seat 59.jpg

Seat 59

Seat 98.jpg

Seat 98

Seat 76.jpg

Seat 76

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